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  • aCARDIOz Specialized Strategic Impedance Bio Research
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  • Health Strategy

  • Know Your CARDIO from A to Z
  • Create a personal Health index tracking zone (apHitz)
  • Track Your Results and Take Charge of Your Life
  • Monitor Your Improvements from Home or "On The Go"
  • Improve Your Performance and Achieve Personal Goals
  • Perform with a Healthier Lifestyle & Feel the Difference
  • Cardio Data

  • aCARDIOz Proprietary Algorithm Collects Cardio Data
  • Delivers a personal Health index tracking zone (apHitz)
  • Simple, Easy to Read, Track, Understand and Share
  • Captures Snapshot of Arterial Stiffness Index of Large Arteries, Small Arteries and Peripheral Arteries, Left Ventricle Ejection Time, O2 Saturation and Pulse
  • Non-invasive Live Data is Transmitted Bluetooth to Smart Phone, Stored History with Graphics, Uploads to National Database to Share with Your Local Health Care Provider
  • Detect & Evaluate

  • Early Detection of Abnormal Arterial-wall Function, Calcification and Inflammation.
  • Monitors the Effectiveness of Treatments for Hypertension & Other Cardiovascular Disease.
  • Evaluates The Efficacy of Prescribed Modifications in Medications and Nutriceuticals.
  • Daily Results

  • Compliance Monitoring At Your Fingertips For Daily Diet, Exercise And Active Lifestyles.
  • Incentive Base Visuals Helping You Stay On Track.
  • Personalized Daily Results, Charted Historical Data.
  • Secure 128K Encrypted Log-in For 24 Hour Access For Your Local Health Care Professional.
  • The aCARDIOz (apHitz) is a compliance service used for the non-invasive measurement of pulse waveform. The pulse wave is the arterial pressure change that originates from the pulse & transmits through an artery. The information reflects the functional efficiency and status of the cardiovascular circulation.

    The aCARDIOz (apHitz) utilizes an IR (infrared) reflective beam & through the fingertip technology to obtain the pulse wave information. The Plethysmogram (PTG) is calculated and displays the information of pulse rate, arterial elasticity, dilations, resistance, etc., that can be recorded, stored as data points for easy examination and secure transmission.
    The aCARDIOz (apHitz) delivers two live real time wave forms, a PTG along with an Accelerated Plethysmogram (APG). The APG (secondary differentiated waveform) displays information of arterial aging. Imagine the benefit and ability to provide an overall snapshot of an individual's arterial and cardiovascular health from anywhere in the world remotely on the run or from the comfort of their own home.
    The aCARDIOz (apHitz) Phase 1 release currently displays the PTG & APG while quantifying the elastic index of the large, small & peripheral arteries, measures the left ventricle ejection time in milliseconds, O2 saturation level, body mass index & pulse rate and reports one single number displayed in a personal Health index tracking zone. (apHitz)
    The aCARDIOz (apHitz) software can be downloaded for the latest smart phone devices utilizing the Android OS, iPhone OS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. Optional Windows and Mac OS versions are scheduled. Monthly or Annual subscriptions may be replenished from several options to best suit the preferred usage.
    The aCARDIOz (apHitz) history is stored on the local device and syncs to the national database. Options are available to deliver daily and historic data to a local health care provider. Remote monitoring options for geriatric clients are available upon request. Upgrade options for additional functionality and monitoring may be purchased separately.

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    Monitor Your Results and Take Charge of Your Life
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